Innovative technology Consultants and investors

At N2 Technology Inc., we specialize in remote access technology, cryptography, and smart working solutions.

Startup Investments

We invest our time an expertise in selected technology startup teams.

Technology Investments

We’re interested in partnerships, and licensing for select innovative technology opportunities. 

What Makes Us Different?

People first approach

We think people are more important than things. Technology has value but people created that technology. 

Experienced Professionals

We have many years of experience in business, startups and in internet technology.

International experience

We’ve got startup knowledge and experience in the U.S. and Europe

No Ivory towers

We’re ordinary. We aren’t out of touch investors. We know how to do things on a shoestring budget.

No Delusions

We’re not trying to meddle or transform the world. We like ideas that make sense, and have a marketable value.

Ethics matter

There is more to life than money. While we’re in business to make money, money is not everything.

Have innovative tech or a startup?

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